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Miss Giddy Necklace Turquoise


My best seller! Simple and comfortable with maximum impact.

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First I clean, polish and buff three sections of super soft laser-cut leather then I arrange the shiny pieces, overlapping and matching up the holes. This is when the riveting begins! This is the longest stage of assembly and has to be done in a certain order to allow for the layering of the rivets, it’s easy to screw this part up if you lose focus. Great working meditation time, be present or fail! The last step is putting on the snaps which make it really easy to adjust the fit.

I use a 1/2 ton Arbor Press, with some modifications made to the ram.


  • Max length 40cm
  • 43 gunmetal-finished brass rivets
  • 8 matte black-finished copper rivets
  • 2 snaps


Comes with leather envelope, fits some tablets.

All my accessories have a money back guarantee. If you don’t love it send it back I hate to think of beautiful things not being worn. I refund minus PayPal/credit card fees for full details click here.

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