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The Captain Necklace in Turquoise


The ultimate nonconformist. 

10+ ways to wear this four-part necklace, all of the parts can be worn alone or in combination with each other.

This is edge dyed by hand and mink oiled to enhance the grain of the leather. Flaws and all.


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I start by laser cutting thirteen sections of super soft leather, the cut pieces are polished then buffed and I apply a finish to the edges. These are arranged with overlapping sections and riveted together using a press. I use snaps to fasten so it’s easy to adjust the length and change the arrangement depending on your style.


  • Min length 35cm
  • Max length 94cm
  • 253 rivets mix of gunmetal and matte black, copper and brass base.


Comes with leather envelope, fits some tablets.


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